Rabbit proof your home

Ensure your home is ready for your Rabbit!  



Why Rabbit Proofing is necessary

It’s always important to rabbit proof your house as if you’re getting ready to bring a new toddler into your home. Following these few guidelines will help to prevent unwanted damage, protect your rabbit from harm and we’ll look at safe chewing alternatives for your bun. A rabbits natural instinct to chew, dig and burrow, needs to be taken into account when looking around your home to prepare for rabbit proofing. Visible cords in your home represent tree roots that need to be removed to protect their burrows, carpet represents soil which is used for digging to keep cool or for creating burrows for safety and furniture can be used for chewing to sharpen teeth and prevent teeth overgrowth. All these factors are taken into consideration by rabbits to make their home to their liking.

Take Note! There are few basic things around the home you should be aware of as some rabbits have become seriously injured and even died from these situations.

Ensure you know where your rabbit is before you recline your chair or couch if you own recliners. Its best to block off access points under the chairs if you are able to for the safety of your rabbit.

Free roaming rabbits will often run to the fridge if the fridge door is open to check out the crisper and take advantage of getting any special treats, make sure the rabbit is clear before closing the fridge door.

Be careful where you step, if you are carrying food, rabbits will often hop under your feet in excitement.

Make sure you check under sides of furniture where your rabbit has access too, if there are sharp nails sticking out and your rabbit becomes injured by one they can become seriously ill and may die.

Beware of rodent baits and human medicines, make sure your rabbit is not able to access these areas.


    Rabbits can be badly burned or electrocuted from chewing electrical cords, its very important rabbits don’t have access to these at any time by moving them out of reach.

    Cords can be ran behind furniture or blocked off. You can purchase spiral cable wraps to go around cords from your local hardware store, plastic tubing can be slit lengthways with a blade and used also to tuck the cord into safely. A harder, black, pre-slit type of tubing is also available.

    Plastic conduit concealers specifically designed for hiding cables can be mounted on the wall above your baseboards and is an ideal way of protecting electrical cables that lead around the room. Decorative wire-concealers that stick to the base of walls come in strips, corners, etc., so they can follow the shape of the wall.


    If your rabbit is digging at the carpet try these distractions. Place some carpet tiles or a mat/rug over the area it is digging in to bring another layer of protection. Put a cardboard box with shredded paper of hay in it to provide a digging box. Anchor the box with a weight at the bottom, such as a tile so that it is not moved around Put a closed box with some cut out holes in it for the bunny to use as a hidout and put an old phone book or towels in I for the bunny to move around. Place heavy ceramic tiles over the carpet area to hold down edges when your rabbit is free ranging.


      Use a pet fence or pet gate to section off the area. To stop the rabbit chewing the soft furnishings under the bed, place a flattened cardboard box, a very low pet fence, or plywood around the bed frame, where it is out of sight. You can also do this around couches and lounge chairs. To protect walls, place sheets of coreflute around the wall areas where the rabbit is chewing. Coreflute is light and comes in black and white and other colors.and will blend in with the décor and not look unsightly.

      Coreflute is available from Bunnings and other hardware stores. Clear plastic panels can also be used against the walls or plastic garden edge fencing Place furniture in front of popular areas to stop access by the rabbit If changing your décor, choose modern glass and metal furniture


      Provide your rabbit with interesting chewing alternatives such as apple and willow branches (dried), Chew and toss toys, sea grass mats, hay, cardboard boxes with holes in them, egg cartons with wooden chew toys placed in them with a few treat pellets under the toys, phone books, toilet rolls stuffed with hay, forage boxes for stimulation and newspapers to shred.


        Information from Electrodry Carpet Cleaning:  Blot the area with paper towels immediately Mix water and white vinegar and liberally spray over the area. The vinegar will neutralize the ammonia Mix water and vinegar and liberally spray on to the affected area. Work the solution into the carpet with your fingers (wearing gloves). The vinegar will neutralise the ammonia in the urine.

        Take one or 2 old towels, fold them over several times and place them over the stain. Put a weight on the towels and leave the weight to stand for several hours. The weight will help encourage the urine and the vinegar mix to wick from the carpet to the towels. An old urine stain is much tougher to tackle. The discoloration is caused by a combination of the pigment in the urine and an oxidisation when the urine is exposed to air that can change the color of the carpet fiber. Most DIY solutions suggest the use of hydrogen peroxide or other bleach solutions which can create an entirely different set of problems (bleached carpet).



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