Rabbit Surrender Form

Surrender Form

Rabbit Surrender Form

I hereby certify that I am the rightful owner/keeper/caretaker/custodian of the rabbit(s)

who is/are the subject of this Rabbit Surrender Form, hereinafter referred to as “the rabbit.” I hereby surrender any and all property rights to the rabbit/s to Kelly’s Rabbit Warren Rescue Inc. I certify that no other person has a right of property to the rabbit/s. I understand that by surrendering my property rights to the rabbit, the rabbit may be transferred into the custody of Kelly’s Rabbit Warren Rescue Inc. I also hereby certify that the rabbit has not shown signs of Calicivirus or Myxomatosis within the past 10 days. I understand that once I relinquish the rabbit/s, the rabbit/s will not be available to be returned without our approval for adoption and a $250 fee per rabbit has been made. I further certify that I have read and understand the terms of this Rabbit Surrender Form. Please complete the section below (include all rabbits).

Is the rabbit/s micro chipped
Is the rabbit/s desexed?
Would you like to donate any funds to their vet work? (this will help us find placement sooner).
Please understand our team of volunteers are working hard behind the scenes for rabbits in need. We run as a foster care network and can only take in rabbits if spaces and funds are available at the time. We will endeavour to respond as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience

Alternatively you can download & Print the rabbit surrender form below: