Rabbit Care

Ensure your Rabbit lives it’s healthiest, hoppiest life!


All about proper Rabbit care

  There are a lot of misconceptions on rabbit care out there, including recommendations given by most pet stores. Here you can read our guides about properly caring for your rabbit, how to set up their enclosure with everything they need, bunny proofing your home for their safety (and your furniture!), and all about the bunny bonding process!

Setting Up Your Indoor Rabbit Enclosure

A rabbit enclosure or cage should provide a litter box for your rabbit to use as a bathroom, as well as toys, healthy food, and plenty of water. It’s arguably more important to think about the type of enclosure you get for your rabbit, as well as the place where you set up their home.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what rabbits need! Read our full guide on setting up the ideal enclosure here

Rabbit Proofing Your Home

Rabbit Proofing your home will prevent damage, protecting your rabbit and providing safe chewing alternatives for your pet. The natural instinct for the rabbit is to dig, chew and burrow. The home presents many interesting objects for the rabbit as they associate the cords, furniture and carpet as alternatives to the woodlands environment… electrical cords represent tree roots that need to be removed, digging the carpet represents digging the soil to stay cool or digging burrows for safety, chewing the furniture keeps the teeth sharpened and prevents teeth overgrowth and all come together to make and rearrange their woodland home to their liking.

Bonding your Rabbits

Did you know Rabbits who live in pairs tend to be happier, calmer and less prone to being stressed – helping them live longer! Rabbits may exhibit abnormal behavior and experience distress when left alone for extended periods without any stimulation, so it is advisable to ensure that your rabbit has the companionship of at least one other friendly rabbit. Follow our bonding guide to ensure a sucessful bonding experience for your bunnies!

Rabbit Garden

Setting up a little garden to grow foods for your Rabbit is fun and easy!

Rabbit info:

Alot of people think rabbits are silent creatures where as some can actually be very chatty. There's different noises to listen out for from honking, clucking, purring, grunting etc. If they feel there life is in danger. Listening for these sounds will help you get to know your rabbit better. Follow the link below to know what noises to listen for and what they mean.

Make sure you find a rabbit savvy vet for your beloved rabbit, when your rabbit becomes unwell it's more often then not an emergency as they go down hill quickly.