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The Rabbit Crisis in Australia

Did you know that there is a rabbit crisis happening in Bendigo & other parts of Australia?
How you can help and make a positive difference

Australia’s rabbit crisis

We’re sending a call out to all supporters to get behind the rescue world and support our call to stop pet shops selling rabbits! Yes, some may have purchased rabbits from pet shops, and some have great homes, some have been given good advice but trust us when we say you are in the minority.

Rescues across Victoria and Australia are inundated with abandoned & surrendered rabbits, but together we can change the future for these defenseless creatures!

Pet shops all over the country are fueling the rabbit crisis that is spiraling out of control. Every rabbit rescue in the Australia is at a breaking point with an endless list of rabbits needing to come in.

Rabbits are incredibly misunderstood, many are purchased on a whim without even knowing how to care for them, many are purchased for children to “entertain” them, many are purchased because they are considered “cheap” animals to care for.

So why are they bought on a whim…. well, here is where the problem lies, it’s so easy to walk into a pet store, sometimes not even considering buying an animal yet walking out with one. You would expect to be provided with all the correct information, you would expect the shop to sell appropriate food and accommodation… Sadly not!!

Very rarely do pet stores provide information regarding minimum housing guidelines, veterinary care, insurance, diet, outstanding veterinary costs, and general care. They fail to tell parents how fragile rabbits are and that they aren’t ideal for children.

Did you know that on average it costs around $500 to $1000 in vet costs for a rabbit? Rabbits need to be vaccinated and health checked on a regular basis, not to mention the cost of desexing, Microchipping and dental.

Every face you see, you know they desperately need your help, but you have no space or foster carers available. Some are in desperate need and without you finding “space” they may not survive another week. Some are at significant risk of being dumped if you don’t find that “space”. Some waiting in pounds are euthanized simply because their time is up. The whole situation is heartbreaking

A perfectly healthy, friendly rabbit is going to be euthanized in the next 24 hours because he’s at the end of his time in a shelter…

We need people to stop buying rabbits from pet stores, for as long as people buy them then the shops will keep selling them. Please if you are reading this post and considering a rabbit companion please adopt from a reputable rescue and advise others to do so.



Dream Galaxy

She was purchased as a gift for someone without permission from a petstore. Unfortunately the owner thought they were doing right by feeding her what she likes to eat and what the petstore suggests leading a life of a poor diet from ill informed instructions from pet store advice.

When she came into care she was constantly unwell having ups and downs receiving tests, scans and treatment. We did everything we could for Dream Galaxy but unfortunately she had stomach cancer and passed away.

This beautiful girl deserved so many more years of love and joy but I am forever grateful to have shared memories, be given the chance to love her and be loved back by her while she was in care. She will always have a special place in my heart and we will continue in her legacy to help stop this from happening again through education and awareness. For Dream and other buns like her, adopt from reputable rescues, not from pet stores.

Let’s get the word out there that this isn’t acceptable anymore

We need pet stores to put welfare before profits! Please spread the word and hopefully, together we can put an end to animals being sold in pet stores and stop their needless suffering.