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Pet rabbits are being surrendered every day, and Kelly is on a mission to find homes for as many as possible
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Two and a half years ago, Kelly Purtill, of Maiden Gully, Australia, adopted her first rabbit. Snoop the rabbit made her passionate about rescuing bunnies. It turns out, there were a lot of bunnies who needed rescuing.

Kelly notes that pet shops do not give much information about the proper housing of rabbits. People are not well informed about their health insurance, their diet, all the vaccinations and dental and veterinary care. That is why many people abandon their rabbits.

So many people reached out to Kelly to find homes for their bunnies, that Kelly decided to set up a local network for fostering rabbits.

“We take in abandoned rabbits, neglected rabbits, surrendered rabbits, or rabbits from the pound that are ready to be euthanized and we pop them into loving homes where then they can try and find their forever families,” she commented.

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