Sweet Girl
Female Florida White Mix Rabbit
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About Rosa

Introducing Rosa, a sweet and affectionate. Rosa is a gentle companion full of charm and has a knack for making people fall for her adorably quirky personality.

Initially, you might find Rosa a little shy, but as she gets to know you, her love for cuddles blossoms. Imagine sitting down after a long day to find Rosa hopping up to you, her eyes full of anticipation for some affection. Whether it’s in the form of pats or treats, she happily accepts all forms of love.

Rosa exhibits a fascinating ritual of turning her boxes upside-down to sit in them, showcasing her creativity. An unlikely, amusing sight, her endearing ways make her all the more lovable. Apart from this, Rosa enjoys darting around her tunnels and exploring during her free roam time. However, don’t think you’re forgotten during her adventures – she’ll be checking in on you quite frequently.

Rosa’s tastes are simple – she loves her treats, with a specific fondness for kale, banana, and carrot. Her clean habits are commendable, and she has also shown interest in bonding with other bunnies in her foster home.

Creating a home for Rosa would mean setting up a loving environment for her, ideally with a fellow bunny companion. With her around, your home would be filled with an aura of love, and you’d constantly be entertained by her antics. Step into a world of love and constant amusement with Rosa; she could turn out to be the best friend you’ve been waiting for.

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Medical notes

All rabbits in our care are de-sexed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and receive a full health check while rabbits are in their foster homes waiting for their for ever family. All necessary vet work is also carried out for all rabbits in care.

Adoption details

Click the link below to fill out an adoption. Your application will then be reviewed. If your application is successful we will then contact you by phone for a phone interview and to arrange a meet and greet. If all goes well a property check will then be made before the adoption process commences.


Bendigo, VIC


6 months








11 June, 2024

What does this mean?

Once an inquiry is submitted, you can directly fill out the adoption application on our website. Upon successful review of your application, we will reach out to you via phone to conduct a phone interview and coordinate a meet and greet. Subsequently, a property check will be arranged before finalising the adoption process, ensuring a seamless transition.

✔ Desexed
✔ Vaccinated
✖ Interstate adoption (VIC only)