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Male Florida White Rabbit
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About Rue

Meet Rue, a sweet and delightful young boy whose inquisitive nature and adorable antics will capture your heart. This tender little baby boy has an affectionate personality that draws you in. Rue loves to receive head and cheek pats and adores the sensation of a comforting cuddle. His ease with being picked up speaks volumes about his trusting nature and mild temperament.

Rue has a well-balanced diet that includes his favorite oaten hay, a variety of fresh greens, and a light smattering of pellets in the morning and evening. When it comes to playtime and interaction, Rue is second to none. His curious nature makes him an amusing companion, always eager to join in whatever you’re doing and always ready to provide some fun and laughter.

Wherever the softness of a couch, a blanket, and his cherished teddy are, Rue is not far behind, comfortably nestled. Make no mistake, even though Rue is still young, his personality is blooming and growing each day, becoming more enchanting and delightful.

Rue would perfectly complement a family with a female bunny friend. If not, he will thrive in an environment filled with plenty of attention, entertaining toys, and interactive playtime to keep his active mind engaged. His hobbies? Playing peek-a-boo in cardboard boxes, modifying them with some innovative ‘bunstruction’, or simply using them as platforms to get a better vantage point of his surrounding world. Did we mention his penchant for kale? It’s his favourite treat!

Rue has an endearing habit of rushing up to you when he senses your arrival, his fluttering heartbeat palpable in his excitement for the renewed showering of love and affection. Rue has a preference for drinking running water straight from his bowl, and if you have a water fountain at home, it’s bound to become his favorite hydration spot.

So, if you’re looking for an affectionate, playful, and intriguing companion to fill your days with joy and laughter, Rue is the perfect fit.

Medical notes

All rabbits in our care are de-sexed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and receive a full health check while rabbits are in their foster homes waiting for their for ever family. All necessary vet work is also carried out for all rabbits in care.

Adoption details

Click the link below to fill out an adoption. Your application will then be reviewed. If your application is successful we will then contact you by phone for a phone interview and to arrange a meet and greet. If all goes well a property check will then be made before the adoption process commences.


Bendigo, VIC


4 months








11 April, 2024

What does this mean?

Once an inquiry is submitted, you can directly fill out the adoption application on our website. Upon successful review of your application, we will reach out to you via phone to conduct a phone interview and coordinate a meet and greet. Subsequently, a property check will be arranged before finalising the adoption process, ensuring a seamless transition.

✔ Desexed
✔ Vaccinated
✖ Interstate adoption (VIC only)