Affectionate boy
Male Havana Rabbit
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About Reggie

Meet Reggie, an affectionately entertaining, cuddly boy who’s always ready to welcome you with warmth. Reggie doesn’t merely exist in your space; he energetically engages with it, endearing himself to everyone lucky enough to encounter him.

This adorable charmer loves spending time with his humans, often running up to them for a variety of pats and a chance to shower them with his affection. Reggie has an endearing habit of staying in your arms for extended periods, making him a perfect companion for those cosy, quiet evenings.

Reggie enjoys playing with his toys and often displays his joy by tossing his food dishes around. His toys are lots of fun for him, and he loves anything that he can toss around. You can often find him exploring and playing in tunnels, doing zoomie sessions in and out of them which make him all the more charming.

Reggie is truly a charismatic little guy, with a heart full of love and a bright, jovial spirit that lingers long after he’s hopped away. He’s ready to find a caring new family who appreciates his playful demeanor and welcoming nature. If you’re looking for a darling little boy to light up your life, look no further than our loving companion Reggie.

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Medical notes

All rabbits in our care are de-sexed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and receive a full health check while rabbits are in their foster homes waiting for their for ever family. All necessary vet work is also carried out for all rabbits in care.

Adoption details

Click the link below to fill out an adoption. Your application will then be reviewed. If your application is successful we will then contact you by phone for a phone interview and to arrange a meet and greet. If all goes well a property check will then be made before the adoption process commences.


Bendigo, VIC


2 years








29 February, 2024

What does this mean?

Once an inquiry is submitted, you can directly fill out the adoption application on our website. Upon successful review of your application, we will reach out to you via phone to conduct a phone interview and coordinate a meet and greet. Subsequently, a property check will be arranged before finalising the adoption process, ensuring a seamless transition.

✔ Desexed
✔ Vaccinated
✖ Interstate adoption (VIC only)