Bonnie, Butterscotch, & Marci
bunny fluffle
Female Harlequin Rabbit
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About Bonnie, Butterscotch, & Marci

Introducing Bonnie, Butterscotch, and Marci – an adorable trio of bonded bunnies guaranteed to bring a unique spark of joy and laughter to your home!

Marci, the charismatic leader with beautiful black and white markings, has a maternal instinct that’s truly heartening. You’ll often find her grooming her brother Bonnie and her sister Butterscotch, emphasizing the tight-knit bond this little fluffle shares. Bonnie, a bundle of ginger and brown sweetness, might be on the quieter side, but him desire for affection makes him the heart of the trio. His love for pet puzzles, stacking cups, toss toys, and balls invite a playful atmosphere, promoting an enriched and balanced lifestyle for these bunnies.

Butterscotch is the most inquisitive of the group. Her distinctive ginger and white coat matches her lively and curious personality perfectly. Although slightly shy initially, given a calm and quiet household, Butterscotch’s barriers soon drop, revealing an incredibly trusting and affectionate bunny.

Mostly, they enjoy the comfort of their indoor life enriched home with puzzle toys, and we recommend that they continue with this lifestyle. Their preferred play area is the lounge room, where they can partake in bunny tag, puzzle play, and relaxing grooming sessions. An indoor environment suits them best with supervised outdoor time.

These three have grown up in their own bunny room, developing a unique camaraderie that is astounding to behold. As their prospective parent, you’ll be gifted with a daily spectacle of their admirable bond. Step back and watch them play, explore, and snuggle together – their unconditional love for each other is transparent in all their activities.

The Bonnie, Butterscotch, and Marci fluffle would make a delightful addition to any home. Give these adorable bunnies a chance, and they’ll transform your house into a place brimming with fun, affection, and endearing bunny antics.

Butterscotch – female – DOB: 17/02/2023: 956000012968033
Marci – female -DOB: 14/07/2022: 95600001307866
Bonnie – male – DOB: 14/07/2022:

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Medical notes

All rabbits in our care are de-sexed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and receive a full health check while rabbits are in their foster homes waiting for their for ever family. All necessary vet work is also carried out for all rabbits in care.

Adoption details

Click the link below to fill out an adoption. Your application will then be reviewed. If your application is successful we will then contact you by phone for a phone interview and to arrange a meet and greet. If all goes well a property check will then be made before the adoption process commences.




1 year and 10 months




956000012968033 / 95600001307866 / 956000013088298




28 May, 2024

What does this mean?

Once an inquiry is submitted, you can directly fill out the adoption application on our website. Upon successful review of your application, we will reach out to you via phone to conduct a phone interview and coordinate a meet and greet. Subsequently, a property check will be arranged before finalising the adoption process, ensuring a seamless transition.

✔ Desexed
✔ Vaccinated
✖ Interstate adoption (VIC only)