Adoption policy levels

These policy-level descriptions are intended as a guide only, to help adopters in their journey to find a new furry family member. A rescue organisation may undertake some of these processes and requirements, but not others, during the enquiry and adoption process.


An organisation with flexible adoption policies and procedures is one that embraces open adoption philosophies. The enquiry and adoption process is simple and straightforward, with ongoing support available after adoption. This MAY include:


  • Short or no application form
  • Phone chat or email contact
  • Meet and greets
  • Interstate adoption may be available
  • Adopt-on-the-day may be available under certain circumstances (ie. in a shelter or vet situation, in-store adoption events etc.)


    An organisation with moderate adoption policies and procedures undertakes a more in-depth application process or may have particular living requirements for pets. This MAY include:

      • Application form required (prior to meet and greet)
      • Interview via phone chat
      • May have specified requirements for individual pets (i.e. indoor pets only)
      • A home check may be required


        An organisation with strict adoption policies and procedures undertakes a detailed and involved screening process prior to a prospective adopter meeting the pet. This MAY include:

          • Full application form required before the group will contact a prospective adopter
          • Lengthy and detailed application form
          • Interview via phone or face-to-face
          • Universal requirements regardless of individual circumstances (i.e. all adopters must be over 25yrs, no young children etc)
          • Home check required
          • May require vet reference or other checks