Sweet Girl
Female Cinnamon Rabbit
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About Roxy

Say hello to the lovely Roxy, an enchanting rabbit who embodies charm and gentleness in one delightful package. Roxy may be a newcomer to our care, but she continues to blossom in her personality day by day.

At first encounter, Roxy may come across as a bit shy and reserved. Nevertheless, give her a little time and patience, and you’ll soon find yourself captivated by her endearing sweetness. Her shyness isn’t a weakness; in fact, it is a testament to a curious nature that cautiously ventures into new relationships and environments, taking everything in and gradually warming up to her surroundings.

As Roxy gradually unfolds her personality, she’ll start to show her sweet side to you. If you spend quiet moments with her, she’s likely to hop over and gently nudge you for a pet or a treat. The gentle soft twitching and nudging of her nose are sure signs of her warming to your company.

A calm and nurturing environment would be a perfect setting for Roxy to open up and experience the joy of a loving home. Her ideal day would involve gentle strokes from her favourite person, snuggling in a warm and cosy spot, and enjoying the occasional treat.

Roxy is a rabbit who has a lot of affection to give, and she’s eagerly awaiting a patient and loving person to make her a part of their life. If you’re seeking a gentle and sweet companion who’ll bring tranquillity to your pace of life, Roxy could be the ideal new addition to your family.

Medical notes

All rabbits in our care are de-sexed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and receive a full health check while rabbits are in their foster homes waiting for their for ever family. All necessary vet work is also carried out for all rabbits in care.

Adoption details

Click the link below to fill out an adoption. Your application will then be reviewed. If your application is successful we will then contact you by phone for a phone interview and to arrange a meet and greet. If all goes well a property check will then be made before the adoption process commences.


Bendigo, VIC


2 years & 1 month








14 February, 2024

What does this mean?

Once an inquiry is submitted, you can directly fill out the adoption application on our website. Upon successful review of your application, we will reach out to you via phone to conduct a phone interview and coordinate a meet and greet. Subsequently, a property check will be arranged before finalising the adoption process, ensuring a seamless transition.

✔ Desexed
✔ Vaccinated
✖ Interstate adoption (VIC only)